E1: Pieces of Aidt


 Pieces of Aidt

We kick off season two with a very special guest.

Naja Marie Aidt has been described as “one of the most intelligent writers of the contemporary literary world” and as “one of the compassionate voices in fiction”.

Born in Greenland and raised in Copenhagen, she’s the author of ten poetry collections and three short-story collections — including Baboon, which won the Nordic countries’ most prestigious literary award, the Nordic Council's Literature Prize, as well as the Danish Critics Prize for Literature.

Domestic plaudits have led to international acclaim, too. Baboon was published in English-speaking markets in 2014, and Naja’s debut novel, Rock Paper Scissors, in 2015.

But both books are likely to be eclipsed by Naja’s latest book in translation. It’s a work of non-fiction called When Death Takes Something From You Give It Back — a deeply personal title that only hints at the tragedy the book describes.  

Published in the US this September, it describes the shock and devastation of losing a child — as well as the sudden inadequacy of language and the burning necessity of never forgetting.

Photo: Mikkel Tjellesen

Photo: Mikkel Tjellesen