Episode 1: You Say Yes, I Say No


You Say Yes, I Say No

Episode one is about a pair of words that we all use every single day. A pair of the words with the power to change your life, to alter the course of history — or simply stop you leaving the house.

Svend Brinkmann

Svend Brinkmann

First we meet Svend Brinkmann, a professor of psychology at Aalborg University and the author of several bestselling “anti-self-help books” — including Stand Firm and The Joy of Missing Out.

Svend explains why we need to avoid positive thinking, wear the “No hat” more often, and resist the “self-improvement craze”.

Then we meet Jay Sukow, a professional improviser who trained with comedians Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert and, until recently, was artistic director of Copenhagen’s leading improv school.

Jay explains why we should do things that scare us, see mistakes as gifts, and discover the life-changing power of saying “Yes, and…”

Jay Sukow

Jay Sukow

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